Drift Trike Engine Troubleshooting

engine trouble -

Drift Trike Engine Troubleshooting

General Engine Troubleshooting

Symptoms Possible cause Solution

Engine will not start


  1. On/Off Switch is in the Off position
  2. Fuel tap is in the Closed position
  3. Choke to the open position
  4. Fuel Tank is empty
  5. Spark Plug is dirty
  6. Other technical problems



  1. Turn it to the On position
  2. Turn it to the Open position
  3. Set it to the Closed position
  4. Fill the Fuel Tank
  5. Remove spark plug and clean
  6. Have a qualified mechanic to service the engine


Engine runs rough
  1. Wrong fuel type
  2. Fuel contaminated with water
  1. Replace with 89 octane petrol
  2. Empty the tank and replace fuel
Engine stops by itself but has fuel
  1. Low oil level, auto shutoff
  2. Other technical problems
  1. Check oil level; Add recommended engine oil if needed
  2. Have a qualified mechanic to service the engine
Engine does not reach full speed
  1. Choke closed
  2. Air filter clogged
  3. Other technical problems
  1. Open choke
  2. Clean air filter elements
  3. Service by qualified mechanic

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